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There is nothing more telling about a company than honest feedback from real life customers. Below you will find a small sample of comments received from our customers.

"TripsWare has exceeded our expectations; it is a great source for expense management. Using TripsWare has freed up a great deal of time that I can now use on other projects. I would definitely recommend TripsWare to others."

- Accounting Manager, Investment Firm, $1.6 billion under management

"TripsWare is a great online tool that's efficient and easy to use. The initial setup was simple with the help from their knowledgeable support staff. In addition to automating our expense report submission and approval processes, TripsWare seamlessly integrates with our back office accounting system, saving us time and effort each month. Overall we are very pleased with the results. Anyone interested in automating their expense reporting process would benefit from what TripsWare has to offer."

- Investment Firm, $6 billion under management

"TripsWare has added real value to our expense reporting process. Now, data is captured once and brought into our accounting system without the chance of clerical error. The amount of time we used to spend on expense reporting has been cut in half at least. We have been able to remove this task from our accountant's list and streamline our internal practices with the advice of the TripsWare team. Instead of a large system that was overwhelming and offered really more than we needed, we received a system built for our firm's needs."

- Office Manager, Investment Firm, $4 billion under management

"After looking at other vendors, we found that nobody understands the particular challenge of private equity firms the way TripsWare does. TripsWare has made expense management easier for everyone."

- Accounting Manager, Investment Firm, $1+ billion under management

"TripsWare has surpassed my expectations! We had previously tried to integrate data into QuickBooks through an Excel module with unsuccessful results. The integrator has worked seamlessly. My personal favorite item in TripsWare is the accounts receivable invoicing. I was unable to capture the travel data in QuickBooks invoicing without manually entering every flight, date, cost etc. TripsWare invoices have the details our clients need to approve the expenses for payment and to maintain their trust that our expenses are accurate."

- Accountant, Venture Capital Firm, $600 million under management

"I think it is a great product that has been very beneficial to our company by streamlining the travel and expense reimbursement process. Personally, TripsWare and the automatic general ledger integration has freed up a lot of my time that used to be spent inputting expense submissions."

- Assistant Controller, Investment Firm, $2+ billion under management

"TripsWare has greatly improved our overall accounting process for tracking expenses and billing of clients and has made more time available for Accounting Staff to work on other projects. We have successfully eliminated a lot of the copying and scanning of information that was previously required. With the growth in the professional staff and a higher traveling frequency rate, TripsWare is easily scalable to accommodate our growing needs. Highly recommended!"

- Accounting Manager, Investment Firm, $7.5 billion under management

"Since implementing TripsWare, we have totally eliminated the paper based, labor intensive processes that we had to go through every month when handling expenses. The TripsWare implementation required no downtime whatsoever and the initial set up, accounting system integration, roll out and training, were seamless."

- Office Manager, Investment Firm, $350 million under management

"With most of our staff working from remote locations in different states, TripsWare has allowed us to gain control of our travel expense reporting. Submission, approval, receipt handling, accounting processing and even correction of employee travel expenses now requires only a few steps that can occur in just a short time. With the TripsWare system, the turn-around time for processing employee travel expense takes only a small fraction of the time we used to spend. I personally find it very easy to work with and it integrates easily with our accounting system."

- CFO, Investment Advisory Firm

"I've come to love the TripsWare product. It has made doing expenses a pleasure and provides us with a more comprehensive resource to researching expenses as well as other tasks."

- Executive Assistant, Investment Firm, $1.5 billion under management

"The TripsWare Integrator for use with QuickBooks is a quick little tool that seamlessly uploads all the expense report data to my QuickBooks general ledger. This enables us to have a level of detail on our reporting that we were unable to capture before."

- Director of Finance, Venture Capital Firm, $600 million under management

"TripsWare complements our existing procedures, seamlessly integrates with our GL and required no downtime for us to implement."

- CFO, Mid-Market Private Equity Firm

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